10 Things to Know before Commuting

September 27, 2017

10 Things to Know before Commuting

   It is pretty common for people to THINK about commuting to work or THINK about cutting down time spent in the car. But more times than not, people refuse to commute because they just don't know how. Here are 10 tips to help you commute happier and healthier! 


1.) Wear Normal Clothes

When you are commuting to work or school, you do not have to dress up in full cycling gear and mentally channel the Tour De France. It is perfectly fine to wear the outfit you intended on wearing for the day. You might be thinking, " But I might smell?!"  Yes, there always is that possibility, but there are ways to avoid this. We will talk about it a few paragraphs down.


2.) Take The Flat Route

Tennessee does love it's hills, but with the app MapMyRide, you can easily pick out the route with the least amount of hills. It might take you a few extra minutes to get to work, but you should't be dripping sweat on your way into either.

3.) I Have a Long Commute!

It's Too Far! It might be... So we came up with a solution. If you have a 30 minute commute to 2nd and Broadway from Hendersonville, drive to a park 5-10 miles away and use the greenways and sidewalks to get to work. It will save you some time in the car, you will feel good because you still got some exercise in and the GREENway will still be used appropriately. 

 4.) Carry Flat Repairs

 Some people differ on their views of this tip. Some believe you should use your cell phone if you get a flat and have someone come get you. Others think you should carry a spare just in case. Don't know how to change a flat? Don't worry, we got you How To videos are coming soon. But until then, don't be afraid to stop by the shop so we can show you.

5.) Don't Forget to Check the Weather! 

This is a rookie mistake that EVERY SINGLE COMMUTER has probably made, no matter how long they have been riding to work. No body likes riding in the rain and no one wants to be stuck in their office because there is golf ball sized hail coming out of the sky. Set a reminder on your phone or put sticky notes up on the mirror, but don't forget to check the weather!

6.) Staying Clean

 One of the perks to beign a commuter is there is not rush hour traffic in the bike lane. Because of this, don't feel like you have to once again, channel the Tour De France during your commute to work. Pace yourself and enjoy the ride. You will end up less sweaty as a result.

TIP: Baby wipes are a great thing to carry around to give yourself a quick refresher after your ride!

7.) No Bike Rack? No Problem.

 Unfortunately, not all workplaces have a designated bike rack. If this is the case, ask your boss if there is any way to create a space in the office to keep your bikes. This also will inspire your co-workers to re-think their lifestyle! 

8.) How Do I Carry My Things?

 There are a couple of different solutions to this. A popular method is a messenger bag. For smaller items, a Srat bag is used. Some even prefer a bag that attaches to the side of your bicycle. 

9.) Have Extra Clothes at Work

 On the off days you forgot to check the weather or you decided to be super ambitious and take the hilly route on MapMyRide, make sure you have a spare change of clothes at work with some baby wipes. This should keep you from becoming the Pigpin of the office.

10.) MOST IMPORTANTLY! Know the Bike Law

Riders, it is imperative for you to understand how to ride on the road.  Please check out the FOGBEE blog for an in depth lesson on bike laws.

If you have any questions about routes to commute, MapMyRide, or any other related questions, email us at bc@thebikerschoice.com!



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